From aircraft cleaning to main terminal services, you simply won't find a company with  more experience in all aspects of aviation-related services than Avia. That's good news  for your business since today's air travelers simply demand a seamless, positive  experience from departure to destination.  As a leader in aircraft cleaning and main terminal services, Avia has the power to keep  commercial carriers in the air and airport business soaring. Avia does whatever it takes  to keep planes, terminals’ facilities running on schedule and travelers (your customers)  happy. And because we understand the highly specialized needs of the aviation industry,  we share your commitment to safe and efficient operations on the ground and in the air.  Whether the task is cleaning the aircraft, cleaning the main terminal floor and janitorial  services, you can count on Avia to meet even the highest of expectations.  Attracting and keeping air travel passengers is the core of your business; providing  clean and efficient operations for your environment is ours. By choosing Avia, you're  choosing the most dependable, comprehensive aviation services from the ground up.  Professional & Trustworthy Staff Now more than ever, security is of the utmost importance when it comes to hiring in the  aviation industry, even for aircraft cleaning. That's why we carefully conduct an  extensive security screening and background check of our staff. Security,  trustworthiness and professionalism are always at the forefront of our minds when it  comes to hiring.  Click thumbnail to enlarge Copyright@2011 PT Avia Jaya Indah Designed & Created by Abdul Rohim